The Five Things We Cannot Change: And the Happiness We Find by Embracing Them | Book Notes #3

What one thing in your life that you did not want to end, but did anyway?

Think back… how have you managed to deal with it?

Things ending is one of life’s givens – or things in life we cannot change.

What Is A Given?

The use of the term given is apt because it fits its two definitions, one is that a given is something that happens that we do not have control over and the other is it’s something bestowed to us. How we view these givens matters because it will determine if we carry them as gifts or as burdens.

There are many givens in life but the five discussed in the book are the ones we tend to want to run away from, deny or ignore because going through them can be brutally painful and devastating. But Dr. Richo gives us new ways on seeing them as ingredients to our growth, a way of seeing them as gifts instead of burdens. Continue reading →